Nisan 2019
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Agritourism in Turkey

The village/agritourism tour program is a part of EU Project about rural development in Eskişehir and Bilecik (these are two neighbour cities) regions in Turkey. These two cities are located on North-West of Anatolia. There are many important ruins from the period of Phrigyans (B.C. 1200). But unfortunately nobody knows that cultural prosperity and aware of this deep culture heritage. So, we started a Project and this tour program is a product and part of this study. We are also master students of Anadolu University (

In scope of this aim, we selected/determined a village and a valley for the agritourism activities. On the other hand, actually all villages have same potantial for accommodation possibilities. But we couldn’t have enough investment for restorations of all village homes. So, Borcak Village has priority on restoration. And unfortunately restorations have not finished yet. Schedule had interrupted by unexpected situations. Because of this unlucky situation, unfortunately we delayed our reservations for the next year.

Despite this situation, we offer a special tour program for our guests. This new tour program includes all the activities serviced on the main program. Further, our guests have the opportunaty of seeing more villages and village lives & participating new friendships with more people. And accoommoditon can be arranged by camping or at traditional boutique Otoman house hotels in Eskişehir city center. So, our guests have free times in the evenings in Eskişehir (if they do not want to sigh-seeing alone, we are together with them of course). Distance is approximately 25 minutes from city center. So, transportation is not problem. We will take you from hotel in the morning and go to village and gardens/farms.

If it is interesting for you, we can arrange special meetings with proffessors of Anadolu University and Osmangazi University. Subject of study is not matter.

If you accept such a tour organisation, price is not problem. You will pay only for transportation, guidance and accommodation. We can also organise a traditional village wedding ceromony for you in a village. I am sure that, it would be a very authantic show for you.